Stone's Throw

from by Dylan Disaster



Cast a stone for every mile
Thought about but never made
Gathered the stones and built a pile
Left the pile in it's place

Walked away with no regrets
Or second thoughts about the past
Just unmade memories left behind
And a chance to try again

But if it sinks in
Before I cast out
It's bound to weigh me down
Like a ton of bricks
It's sinking in
I can feel it now

But I'm willing
To learn from this
If that's what it takes
I'll give it
All I got to give
Until my spirit breaks

Cast a stone for everytime
I thought to change but never did
Gathered the stones and built a shrine
Until the shrine became to big

Then I left it all to rot
Forgot about all my mistakes
I started gathering again
Until a new shrine takes its place

But if I give in
While I wait it out
It's bound to bring me down
Like an anchor
I'm sinking down
And even faster now

But I'm willing
To let go of this
If I can find the strength
Then I'll be
And I'll surface again

Cast a stone for ever hour
I let the seconds slip away
One by one they built a tower
Turned the minutes into days

But if I could get these seconds back
Would they still go to waste
Could I have what I never had
If I never let these seconds fade

Time spreads thin
Like a virus
Squeezes out the life
Creates a state
Of emptiness
Grows like a vine

So let me bleed out
Like I'm dying
Put my bones to rest
I'm weak now
But I'm fighting
Ain't got much left


from Dylan Disaster, released February 1, 2015
Drums: Marc Perez



all rights reserved


Dylan Disaster Austin, Texas

Dylan is a singer/songwriter/guitar player originally from Long Island, New York. Although his roots are on the east coast, Dylan has made homes of multiple cities around the United States including Los Angeles, Portland, and Austin. His musical influences are as various as his homes around the country, ranging from east coast hardcore, California punk and Texas folk. ... more

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